Who are we?

Ian Greenaway

Co-Founder of Excellence Squared, Ian and Paul share a desire to create a customer focused business that adds value and attracts great people. Ian is Managing Director of a successful manufacturing business and in his spare time is passionate about helping young people grow and develop into meaningful work.

Paul Bridle

The man on the move, Paul has a passion for travel, people and innovative ways to do things better. His whole life he has been told he is “different” and clients say he sees the world differently to most people. Being a Founder of Excellence Squared, it has been an opportunity to grow a business of the future. He believes, “A leaders job is to provide a place where talented people come and do magical things”. He wants people to be proud to work for this company.

Mark Jesty

Mark is based in Toronto and can best be described as the quintessential ‘people person’ who loves providing people with great learning experiences. For twenty years Mark has been seeking innovative ways to help organizations improve the performance of their people. Mark is a great networker and always seeking to find innovative ways to do things better. With LENYA, Mark is leading on innovative talent management software and creative learning programs for organisations.

Richard Adkins

A man with a head for numbers! Richard looks after our accounts and you better have your receipts in on time as well. However, don’t be mislead. He may be an accounts guy, but he is never boring! Always something happening in his life and don’t start him off on sports unless you have plenty of time to spare.

Saikah Bashir

You better get it right, because if you don’t Saikah will be after you!!! This lady is not to be under estimated. She knows how things should be done, and likes it done right. She maybe short on knowledge about geography, but don’t challenge her on her processes or systems because she will win every time.

David Bridle

David is our IT and all things digital man. He understands our business and makes sure we find the right technology to meet our current and future needs. Although he is in a demanding position, he also has a passion for design and photography. This unique combination of skills means he makes sure we aren’t stagnant and remain up to date with many trends that can benefit our growing businesses.

Neil Jones

A versatile designer with vast experience and an eye for detail and space which has evolved over the years along with a versatile and positive approach to design firmly based on fundamental rules of clarity and strong brand recognition.

Rachel Price-Hood

Customer Relationship
& VH Co-ordinator

Rachel has a background in dealing with customers and is patient, thoughtful and supportive of customers. She was attracted to our company culture and loves the idea of a challenge. She cares for our Visit Heritage Partners and works with them to help raise their profile in the sector. She has her finger on the button within Visit Heritage and ensures we stay focused on providing what Partners and Time Travellers need.

Richard Clark

No it is not quite ZZ Top, but some would argue equally talented!  Richard is the the digital man creating film, designing social media strategy and anything digital.  He loves nothing more than being behind the camera and creating things that help promote the business. He is at his best working on projects…manning them from end to end. He always has his earphones on…I wonder if he is listening to ZZ Top?

Lorna Bainbridge

HR & Payroll

Lorna is also one of our Commercial Leads and has extensive experience in assessments and leading a team on an assessment. Her background in retail, leisure, meetings, training and the service sector, means she comes with a high level of focus on getting it right for the customer. She is part of our North American operation and is based out of Toronto a lot of the time. She is also in charge of HR and Payroll and so she makes sure everyone is paid on time and she works with Edwina to make sure we conform to the rule regarding employment.

Susan Smith


Susan has sat on both sides of the fence in procurement and so is ideally placed to understand how to pitch a tender or RFP. She is also an excellent assessor and has a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable with what she needs to share with them. She is always smiling, but never more than when she has a jar of Nutella in her hand!

Ruth Regan


Ruth likes things to look right and loves sharing new ideas with people. This makes her ideal for her role as Editor of our on-line learning and development channels. She will spend hours doing her research and then seeking ways to make it easy for people to understand. She has personal experience in leadership and management roles, and so is capable of recognizing what works and what will be of benefit to people who use our services.

John Starley


Every company needs a Bernard! Bernard is the man that makes sure we are legal when it comes to company business. Accounts are prepared, checked and submitted on time, thanks to this man. A life long advocate of learning and development, he also keeps us grounded when we need it.

Michael Kilkenny


Michael has been part of Canada’s financial and business community holding some very senior positions in major institutions.  But to us, he is our Michael, who helps us stay in check and makes sure we do things right.  A great sense of humour and happiest when he can sneak off and lay in the sun.

Virginia Isaac

Independent Quality Board Chair
Virginia is ideally placed to Chair our Independent Quality Board.  She has Chaired a number of Boards including the Career Development Institute, Career Management Quality Alliance and was CEO of the Inspiring Futures Foundation. Knowledgeable, ethical and impartial are qualities needed to be Chair of our Independent Quality Board, and she excels in all three.

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