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Leadership & Management

Ineffective management is costing businesses billions of dollars every year

The Leadership and Management framework has been designed to help organisations evaluate the leadership and management driving their business.  The framework uses ten principles to measure an organisations overall leadership and management ability for the present and the future.

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Customer Focused Service

Most organisations haven’t even defined the service they are seeking to deliver

The Customer Focused Service framework is designed to help organisations define what type of service they are seeking to deliver, and how they can engage their people to achieve the best service they can achieve.

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Venue Standard

Helping raise the standards of service within the industry

The Venue Standard is designed to provide a clear indication of the quality of the venue using a five star rating system. It gives the venue a framework to identify areas for improvement and enables the customer to clearly identify the level of services and facilities being provided.

Excellence in Care

Recognising commitment to excellence within the industry

The Excellence in Care Standard provides a framework for organisations in the care sector to take an objective view of their service and identify areas for improvement.  It also demonstrates to the customer their commitment to excellence.

There are some important considerations to be made when choosing an Adviser to help you achieve The matrix Standard.

  • The Adviser needs to understand The matrix Standard – Many assessors of others Standards including Investors in People, Ofsted, etc. can claim to be able to provide advice, but do not fully understand what The matrix Standard is about.
  • The Adviser needs to be current – Any good Standard is evolving and improving and a good Adviser needs to be abreast with current thinking and requirements coming out of Government as well.
  • The Adviser cannot also be your Assessor – There has to be a clear line demarking providing advice and assessing to ensure that the assessor is not assessing their own advice.

Although not every Assessor is automatically a good Adviser, it is very unlikely that a good Adviser is not also a competent Assessor.  By being an Assessor, the Adviser knows what the Assessor is looking for and can guide you in a meaningful manner.

The Merlin Standard was designed by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) with providers and representative bodies to help evolve successful, high performing supply chains, and champion positive behaviours and relationships in the delivery of provision.   The standard recognises and promotes sustainable excellence within supply chains and provides guidance to those seeking to achieve it. It is built upon four fundamental and integrated principles;

  1. supply chain design,
  2. commitment,
  3. conduct,
  4. review.

If you are seeking to be assessed against the Merlin Standard, it is important that you get the right and current advice that ensures you can present yourself to the Assessor at the time of assessment.  At Excellence Squared, we only use Registered Assessors who have experience and are up to date with the latest developments of the Standard.  If you would like to discuss your planned assessment with an experienced advisor, please contact 01332 387912 or complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you.

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