Compliments, Comments, Complaints and Appeals Policy

Current Version: PEX2 - Compliments, Comments, Complaints and Appeals Policy - V2 - 26.04.18
Last Updated: May 1, 2018


As an organisation we are committed to providing a client focused, consistent, credible and continuously improving portfolio of services and as such are committed to listening and responding to our clients, associates and partners.


What is a “compliment”? – A compliment is when a customer gives us feedback about how we have delivered a positive service and or exceeded expectations.

What is a “comment”? – When a client, an associate or partner provides a suggestion, or offers an idea on how we can improve our delivery of a service.

What is a “complaint”? – A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service or person made in writing that requires further investigation.

Comments and Compliments

We want to continually improve the service we provide and are committed to giving all of those we deal with the opportunity to express satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, with our service, policies, processes and procedures, and to improving those policies, systems and procedures where appropriate in order to improve our service.

Equally, we need to know when we do things well so that we can disseminate best practice across the organisation. You can make a compliment, and or comment either by phone, letter, and email to Excellence Squared Group Ltd or by completing one of our feedback forms. We will acknowledge receipt within three working days. Any verbal or written compliments and comments will be recorded by the appropriate Quality Manager on the Compliments and Comments Register.


If however you have a complaint, this is to be formalised in writing either by email or a letter. If we cannot resolve your complaint immediately, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days and will aim to provide a full response within 10 working days. If we cannot do so we will keep you informed of progress towards providing a full reply. A Complaint must be registered within 14 days of the completion of services/assessments provided by Excellence Squared Group Ltd unless there is an extenuating circumstance.


If you wish to make an appeal against an assessor decision, you will do so in writing either by email or a letter to Excellence Squared Group Ltd within 14 days of notification of the outcome of the Assessment. The appeal must state clearly the grounds upon which you are appealing against the outcome of the Assessment or Service.

Improving our service to you

We will record all compliments, comments, and complaints and analyse monthly all feedback received and review how our policies, procedures and process can be improved.

If you require, we will make available details of this Policy in your preferred format.

The Compliments, Comments, Complaints & Appeals Policy also provides a Complaints and Appeals Process as detailed below.

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