Advisory Services

Why choose an ex2 Optimum Advisor?

Most consultancy businesses tell you what they want to do to you, or what they can sell you.  We take a different approach.  We want to support you in your journey in a way that meets your objectives. There are no prescribed methods, nor off-the-shelf tools, but a typical approach to start things rolling might be:

We have specialists and experts that can assist you in ways that suit your organisation. Tools and Frameworks, we have can be adapted to meet your needs. It is your organisation, we are here to support where needed.

There are some important considerations to be made when choosing an Advisor to help you to strengthen your organisation.

  1. Optimum Advisors have a wide range of business and organisational development knowledge and experience so can look ‘holistically’ at your organisation’s requirements – thus adding value.
  1. Our Advisors understand our Frameworks and Standards, which gives them additional insight into a wider knowledge base.
  1. Our Advisors are quality assured by EX2 and involves a commitment to engage in regular continuous professional development.
  1. EX2 Optimum ensures that Advisors are up to date with current trends, thinking and interpretations to advise, support and guide you in the most appropriate way.

How can our EX2 Optimum Advisor help you?

There are numerous ways we can help including for example:


Diagnostic work to help you explore your strengths and areas for development in Leadership and Management, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management and Information Services.


Facilitated workshops to explore the current practice and where areas of improvement could be identified.


Delivery of a tailored leadership and management development or customer services programme based on your current strategic positioning and aligning the content of the programme to this.


Online or Face to Face coaching to support activity and offer challenge.


Developing a realistic plan for your organisation development, which maximises the benefits to your organisation of implementing any elements of improvement.


Supporting leaders and managers to implement any actions necessary to address areas for development or progression by offering an ongoing touch base review.


Undertaking a holistic assessment of your organisation.


Providing ideas and offering innovative and pragmatic concepts and view points to help organisations be the best they can be.


Presenting findings in a way that can be used and communicated to everyone in an organisation sharing thoughts and ideas and encouraging buy-in.


We offer support and advice using our expertise and knowledge to diagnose and solve problems and offer advice and guidance to help generate and drive solutions.


Surveys tailored to your needs

We have engagement, culture, Framework and Standard surveys all on line to be tailored to your needs.

People Engagement Activities

Tailored to meet your organisation / service needs. This could be as an outcome from the surveys or a separate discovery session.

On-line or Face to Face Coaching Services

This can be delivered by phone or Skype.

Executive Coaching

This can be delivered by phone or Skype, or Face to Face.

Development Programmes in Leadership & Management, Customer Services Excellence, Skills for Coaching

Tailored to meet your organisation / service needs.

Desk Top Reviews of documents or guidance on action plans

In-company development workshops

Tailored to meet your organisation / service needs.

Series of “Light Touch” Workshops

A series of workshops developed around any of our Standards and Frameworks to enable people at all levels in your organisation to get involved and inspired to deliver organisation improvement.


Working with Boards and Trustees