Venue Standard

In 1915 Edward O’Brian started editing short stories and he would rate them with one, two or three asterisk based on their content. These asterisk looked like stars. In 1926 the New York Daily News started rating movies with zero to three stars and then in the years that followed restaurants and finally hotels were given stars denoting the standard or quality expected from these establishments.

The people planning their live events are faced with trying to find out what is available and then what is the quality of the venue they are looking at. When it comes to a hotel, the five star rating gives a clear indication of the level of hotel they are dealing with in terms of accommodation.

The Venue Standard has been designed to help these consumers identify what standard of venue they are dealing with. Similar to hotels and restaurants, the Venue Standard is a rating based on specific criteria that has been checked and verified by an external third party.

The aim of the assessment criteria is to be inclusive of other standards in the market place. Where other standards cover similar criteria, The Venue Standard will seek to embrace the accreditation achieved as evidence, and where possible, The Venue Standard will also seek to complement alternative Standards.

The Designates

  • Exhibition, Arena’s, Conventions Space (300 – 1000’s)
  • Convention, Conference Room and Event space (100 – 300)
  • Auditorium and Theatres (20 -100’s)
  • Meeting Room (30 – 100pax)
  • Training Room (9 -30 pax)