Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Ian Greenaway
EX2 Chair
Co-Founder of Excellence Squared, Ian and Paul share a desire to create a customer focused business that adds value and attracts great people. Ian is Managing Director of a successful manufacturing business and in his spare time is passionate about helping young people grow and develop into meaningful work.
Paul Bridle
The man on the move, Paul has a passion for travel, people and innovative ways to do things better. His whole life he has been told he is “different” and clients say he sees the world differently to most people. Being a Founder of Excellence Squared, it has been an opportunity to grow a business of the future. He believes, “A leaders job is to provide a place where talented people come and do magical things”. He wants people to be proud to work for this company.
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Gary Swarbrooke
Business Development Director
Gary has over 20 years practical experience in the hospitality industry and then got involved in assessing. He managed a team that assessed over 24,000 accommodation providers accrediting them against the Visit England Star Ratings. He is still having fun working in the industry and in the development of new standards. He has a keen mind for figures and works with Richard to ensure we look after our finances.
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Mark Jesty
President - LENYA

Mark is based in Toronto and can best be described as the quintessential ‘people person’ who loves providing people with great learning experiences. For twenty years Mark has been seeking innovative ways to help organizations improve the performance of their people. Mark is a great networker and always seeking to find innovative ways to do things better. With LENYA, Mark is leading on innovative talent management software and creative learning programs for organisations.

Kathy Leahy
Managing Director, Assessment Services
Our resident expert on Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), Kathy is huge advocate of Quality and her attention to detail is second to none. Kathy has a wealth of experience both as a Consultant and an Assessor on a range of Quality Standards. Her passion for excellence is a major influence on the business and makes her ideal to Head up our Assessment Services business. Oh, did we mention she is also sits on the Bench as a Local Magistrate, so she keeps us in order!!
Paul Kennedy
Advisory Board Chair
Paul brings extensive practical experience in the global meetings industry, and probably one of the most well known characters in that space. His knowledge of the industry and passion for leadership and management, makes him an ideal Chairman of our Advisory Board and a great advocate of our business.
Virginia Isaac
Independent Quality Board Chair

Customer Service Specialists Team

Edwina Holmes
Social Media & SFEDI
Edwina is our Social Media Queen! She chases everyone for things she can post across all the businesses and loves promoting our customers wherever she can. With extensive knowledge of the business she also is in charge of aspects relating to HR, employee engagement and looks after our SFEDI accreditations. If it is worth knowing, Edwina will know it!
Antonia Buxton
Customer Services Specialist
Antonia has the most natural way on the phone and wonderful with customers. Never phased, and totally unruffled by anything, she is calm and methodical in everything she does. However, if this description makes you think she is quiet…you have obviously never heard her laugh!
Kylie Woolgar
Production & Design
Nobody knows where her ideas come from, but she comes up with some amazing designs and outstanding productions. That brain must never sleep! She has the wonderful combination of understanding production and graphic design as well. Kylie grabs a concept and comes back with an idea that can easily blow you away. That twinkle in her eye, is probably another new idea in formation.
Gita Krastina
Customer Service Specialist
This lady will never give up. She is focused on getting things done and done well. Her quiet and reserved manner hides her determination. Although a newer member of the team, she has fitted in well and is committed to doing things well for our customers. It is probably the green tea that gives her the drive whilst always remaining calm!!!
Rachel Price-Hood
Customer Relations
Rachel is the most recent recruit and has a background in dealing with customers. She was attracted to our culture and loves the idea of a challenge. Be careful what you wish for Rachel!!!
Aleksandra Fajfric
Graphic Designer
Neil Jones
Graphic Designer & Production

A versatile designer with vast experience and an eye for detail and space which has evolved over the years along with a versatile and positive approach to design firmly based on fundamental rules of clarity and strong brand recognition.

Richard Clark
Digital Architect
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Marketing & IT Team


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